Cement testing equipment

Advanced equipment for the determination of various physical properties of cement, mortar, plaster, lime and similars, using test methods according to European and International standards. VICAT, Blaine, Langavant, mortar mixer, jolting table, cement moulds

Automatic Vicat equipment, for setting time testing of cement.
Atomatic Blaine equipment, for determining the fineness of cement by the Blaine permeability method.
Langavant computerized Calorimeter:
for determining the heat of hydration of the hydraulic cement by the semi-adiabatic method, according to EN 196-9.
Automatic planetary mortar mixer:
programmable, for the preparation of mortar specimens intended for cement strenght testing .
Automatic horizontal jolting table, cement moulds, climatic chambers and water containers:
for preparation of mortar specimens for testing the cement resistance.
Le Chatelier thermostatic Bath:
for automatic heating cycle of soundness test of the hydraulic cement according to EN 196-3.

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