Concrete NDT Equipment

Portable, non destructive concrete test equipment for measuring concrete hardness, rebars' locating, moisture and corrosion, pull-off tests, US tests

Proceq is a global leader in the development and distribution of portable, non destructive concrete test equipment that enables contractors to improve their performance while lowering their costs for on-site investigations of concrete properties.

With the Profometer 5+ and the Canin+, Proceq presents an ideally matched package solution for the location and analysis of reinforcing bars in the concrete: after getting a clear picture of the reinforcement of the concrete with the rebar detection equipment the user is able to examine the corrosion potential with the corrosion analyzing equipment. With the Profoscope+, Proceq combined a rebar detector and a concrete cover meter into one fully integrated, cordless instrument that stands out from traditional test equipment through its unique real-time rebar visualization. Proceq invented the OriginalSchmidt hammer, the world’s first and most widely used test equipment for concrete strength properties. The latest generation of test hammers, the Schmidt Live provides unmatched repeatability and combines the best of the OriginalSchmidt test equipment with state-of-the art technology.

Portable Non-Destructive Concrete Testing Instruments
Equipment for measuring concrete hardness, rebars' locating, moisture and corrosion, pull-off tests, US tests
Schmidt Hammers
The Proceq rebound hammer is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock.
Rebar detection
Instruments for rebar detection that quickly and accurately determines the location of the reinforcing bars in the concrete
Portable Ground Penetrating Radar - Proceq GPR Live
The most innovative ultra-wideband portable GPR for concrete testing
Moisture and Corrosion concrete analysis
Since reinforced concrete will be subject to a corrosion process that ultimately leads to a total failure of the structure, corrosion monitoring is essential.
Profometer Corrosion
The all-in-one solution for rebar assessment and corrosion analysis
Ultrasonic testing for concrete- Pundit family
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) testing of concrete
Pull Off Tester - DY-2 Family
Perfect to evaluate bond strength of coatings and cementitious material