DirectSense TOX - toxic gas test monitor

SO2, NO, NO, CO, NH3, H2S, HCl, H2, O2, O3, EtO, Cl2, SiH4, F2, AsH3, B2H4 PH3, ClO2, CCl2O, HF

  • Select from one up to 5 gas sensors, plus temperature, in a single probe. Options for VOCs, Formaldehyde, Airflow, Particle Counts, CO2, %RH and more with additional probes
  • Plug in multiple probes (up to 4) simultaneously into a single meter
  • Connect to a GrayWolf supplied embedded PC instrument, WIN 8 Tablet or to your own 
  • WIN XP/7/8 Notebook/Desktop PC
  • Log portable spot measurements, or trend log (unattended) over hours/days/weeks
  • Store enhanced survey information; data, text, audio notes and more...
  • Auto-attach photos, videos, calibration details and more to data files

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