Environmental Instrumentation

IAQ, Industrial Hygiene, HVAC, Facility Management, R&D, Ambient Air

Indoor Air Quality- IAQ - meters and monitors
For handheld, semi-permanent and long-term IAQ measurement
Toxic gases meters, monitors
Advanced, highly versatile portable and semi-permanent multi-gas toxic gas meters and monitors. For detecting SO2, NO2, NO, CO, NH3, H2S , CO2, HCN, HCl, H2, O2, O3, EtO, Cl, SiH4, F2, AsH3, B2H4, PH3, ClO2, CCl2O, HF
Particulate Meters, Monitors, Instruments
For IAQ, PM2.5, PM10 Measurement, Data-Logging (and more)
HVAC, Hand-Held Differential Pressure Meters
For high accuracy, low and high range DP Measurements
DirectSense TVOC- Multi-Gas PID monitor
GrayWolf TVOC, multi-gas monitors, meters, detectors and instruments
Portable Air Velocity Meters
GrayWolf Air Velocity monitors, meters, detectors and instruments, for highly accurate, low-medium range Airspeed Measurement
DirectSense RH: ThermoHygrometer
Portable Relative Humidity Meter