HVAC, Hand-Held Differential Pressure Meters

For high accuracy, low and high range DP Measurements


  • Auto-calibrates zero every 2 minutes (user adjustable) for excellent low range accuracy over hours/days/weeks of monitoring

    DP-702LH (Auto-Ranging and Auto-zeroing)
  • Range ±10,000Pa (40inH2O, 1000mmH2O, 100mBar, 70mmHg)
  • Resolution 0.1Pa (0.001inH2O, 0.01mmH2O, 0.001mBar, 0.001mmHg)
  • Accuracy (auto-zeroing enabled) ±1% of rdg ±0.1Pa up to 250Pa, ±1%rdg ±4Pa >250 (±1% of rdg ±0.001 inH2O to 1.000 inH2O, ±1%rdg ±0.015 inH2O>1.000)

    Optional Air Velocity, Temperature, %RH
  • Connect standard or GrayWolf manufactured pitot tubes to display m/s, ft/min, l/s, cfm & more
  • Hot-wire air velocity probes; telescoping, articulating (and °C/°F)
  • Dual K Thermocouple sockets (standard)
  • Optional Pt100/%RH probe

    Back-lit color display
  • Clearly displays readings with a choice of unit symbols
  • View data in tabular or graphic formats
  • Tactile screen enhances ease-of-use

  • Manual “snapshot” or automatic “trend” data-logging
  • Store enhanced survey information on-site; data plus text, audio notes, photos, videos, drawings and more…
  • Rugged Housing
  • Intelligent user interface