Inspection media (Dyes) for Magnetic Particles Testing

Ready/medium/high concentrated, powder, spray agents- FLUXA series

FLUXA® Ready Concentrates: Easiest way of preparation.
You only need water to obtain the ready-to-use suspension. The contained additives are sufficient for nearly all cases.

FLUXA® Medium Concentrates: Optimum compromise between price and preparation procedure
The medium concentrates already contain wetting agent and a certain amount of rust inhibitor which will be sufficient for most testing tasks. In that case, only water must be added.

FLUXA® High Concentrates: Cheapest types of concentrates.
Even for these concentrates the often troublesome mixture of powder in water is not required. However, rust inhibitor and wetting agent must be added.

FLUXA® Powder (wet process): Universally applicable and cheapest possibility.
FLUXA® Powders designed for the wet process are based on iron oxides. Thus, rust and quick settling are avoided.

FLUXA® - Ready-to-use
Ideally suitable for manual testing of single parts or on-site.

NEW !  FLUXA® HRS (Art. No. 9306.9)
The water-based inspection medium is VOC-free and complies with DIN EN ISO 9934-2, SAE AMS 3044 as well as ASTM 1444. Ready-to-use and environmentally friendly it is available in handy aerosol can.

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