Apollo: Handheld LIBS analyzer by Niton/ThermoFisher

The Niton Apollo LIBS analyzer specializes in carbon analysis for metals and alloys. For Oil and Gas industry, Metal Fabrication industry, Scrap Recycling industry

  • Powerful Analysis: The Niton Apollo features an effective laser and high purity argon purge to generate lab quality results.
  • Expanded Field Use: The Niton Apollo transforms traditional OES equipment into a handheld analyzer a tenth of the size.
  • Increased Productivity:
    - Reducing downtime   -Fast analysis times   - operators can quickly replace a depleted battery.  - A tilting, color touchscreen and optional directional keys   - Micro and macro cameras
  • Safety First: Three (3) robust safety interlocks
  • Smart Technology: With the Niton Apollo, you’ll work smarter, not harder.

  • 1064nm Laser
  • WiFi Enabled Macro and Micro Cameras
  • Hot Swap Battery (Milwaukee® Compatible) 
  • Tilting, Color Touchscreen 
  • Directional Keys
  • Chamber Pressure, Spectral Type, Light/ Dark Sensor Safety Interlocks
  • Password Protected Security
  • IP54 Certified (Splash/ Dust Proof)

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