Multieye - Near Infrared Spectrometer

Supporting up to four probes.

The Multieye is a multipoint near infrared spectrometer supporting up to four probes. The common input filtering and single chip non-multiplexed sensor ensure market leading accuracy and minimal channel to channel measurement variation. This unique design also helps keep costs significantly lower than using multiple single point measurement solutions.

For batch processes such as fluid bed drying and coating, Multieye can monitor moisture levels in multiple locations within the equipment. This allows far more comprehensive sampling, eliminating variations in moisture content linked to particle size segregation within large equipment. The data generated aids in endpoint detection, process modelling, and process control.

In roller compaction processes the density of the ribbon can be monitored in real time. Placing individual probes at discreet points across the ribbon allows the distribution of density to be quantified also. Controlling these critical parameters ensures a consistent granulate with excellent flow and compression properties.

Multieye’s multiple probes can also be used to monitor different process steps, e.g. twin screw granulation and subsequent drying. This allows for comprehensive monitoring and control throughout processes.

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