Particulate Meters, Monitors, Instruments

For IAQ, PM2.5, PM10 Measurement, Data-Logging (and more)

GrayWolf DirectSense®, AdvancedSense® Pro and WolfPack® monitors interface with GrayWolf 6 channel handheld, benchtop and wall-mount particulate meters/particle counters and with Thermo Scientific™ pDR particulate concentration meters

  • Measure Particle Concentration/Counts as stand-alone meters
  • 0.1µm and higher mass concentration with the Thermo pDR (with optional cyclones to limit particle size to PM10, PM2.5, etc.)
  • 0.3µm and larger particle counts with GrayWolf’s PC-3016A, PC-4000 and PC-5000 six size range particle counters which also display simultaneous, calculated mass concentration (as PM0.5, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM5.0, PM10 & TSP)