NITON- THERMO Portable XRF analyzers

Portable XRF analyzers

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Portable XRF analyzers (XL2, XL3, XL5, GOLDD, GOLDD+, -SDD)
General information about models XL2, XL3, GOLDD, GOLDD+
New! Niton™ XL2 Plus Handheld XRF Analyzer
Obtain fast, accurate elemental analysis for metal and alloy identification, PMI testing and more with the Niton™ XL2 Plus Handheld XRF Analyzer.
New! Portable XRF analyzer NITON XL5
For analysis of metals, alloys, coating thickness and weight, precious metals, soils and mines. For those who must accurately and quickly determine alloy composition and grade.
Portable XRF for Metals and Alloys (XL2, XL3, XL2-SDD, XL3t-SDD)
Metal & Alloy Analysis, Identification, and Testing
Thermo-Niton Portable XRF analyzer for mining & exploration XL2, XL3t (-GOLDD+, ULTRA)
outcrop & soil analysis, exploration & drilling, core sample analysis, mine mapping, ore trading, etc.
Portable XRF analyzers for Consumer Goods
Verification, testing, and screening for toxic metal in consumer goods
Thermo Scientific Niton XL3 Series Accessories
Test stands, Small Spot and CCD Camera, Weld Mask, Backscatter Shield, and more
Portable XRF Niton XLt analyzer
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