Company profile

Company profile

R.B.M.  CONTROL & MECHANIZATION Ltd. acts, since year 1998, in the fields of control equipment, materials' analytical equipment, physical characteristics' testing equipment and environmental testing equipment. The company deals with high-quality equipment: imports, distributes, installs and supports the equipment.
R.B.M. Ltd.  puts great emphasis on after-sell service and support as well, as it see itself more than marketing and sales' company.


R.B.M. Ltd.   vision is to excel and expand, maintaining high quality standards of its actions and customers' satisfaction. It's activities are based on building a long term supplier-customer relationship and customers’ referrals. As a dynamic and growing company, the company processes a prospective outlook and creative vision towards the future.


R.B.M. Ltd.  activities are customer-oriented. Its policy is to establish  long-term and trust-based relationship with its customers.  It offers full solution for its customers: consulting, selling, installation and technical support, in order to fully fulfill its customers’ needs. 
R.B.M. Ltd.  fields of activity are:

Representation of international companies and distribution of their equipment in Israel, including sales, service and support.
Supply, installation, maintenance and repair service of control and analytical equipment. 

R.B.M. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified . 
R.B.M. Ltd. is an approved Ministry of Defense supplier.

Representatives and Agencies:

R.B.M. Ltd. is a representative and an authorized distributor in Israel of well known international companies. R.B.M. Ltd.  acts to broaden it’s commercial cooperation with more international companies in order to expand her variety of products, according her customers’ needs.

Represented and Distributed Companies  

R.B.M. Ltd. customers' spectrum layout is wide:

  • Aviation Industry
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Oil Refineries
  • Process Industries
  • The  Chemical Industry
  • The Metal Industry
  • Military Industries
  • Research Laboratories
  • Laboratories in Industry
  • Control Laboratories
  • Research Institutes
  • Academic Institutes
  • NDT Laboratories
  • Bio-Technology Industry & Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Recycling Industry

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