R.B.M. Control & Mechanization company services

R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION offers its customers high-quality service, based on a winning combination of vast know-how and wide experience. Our modern laboratory is also being offered as a part of the services we offer to our customers.

Technical Consultation Services
R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION  provides consulting for control equipment. We assist the customer in defining his/her needs, to characterize the equipment that will mostly fit his/her needs. Then we suggest solution/s to problems, even specific and unique ones when needed, in these fields. This kind of consulting may save the customer expenses, as it provides him/her  with the best solution both in the short and in the long run.

Technical Support
We in R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION believe that selling equipment to a customer is only one of the stages in the cooperation between the customer and the supplier. Thus, we accompany the customer of the  accessory, instrument or system which we provided to him/her, with full technical support, as long as this equipment is utiliez.

After-Sell Service
R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION  provides its customers full service for the equipment which is under its responsibility as the representative of the manufacturer in Israel. This service is given in accordance with the manufacturer's terms, submitted to the customer before the purchasing took place. We do everything we can in order to provide the service here in Israel, trying to cause the minimum inconvenience to our customers.

Repair Services
R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION provides repair services in the customer's location, as well as, when needed, in our company's modern laboratories. In case that the equipment is not transferable because of weight, size or inability to stop the production process for a period longer then the time needed to repair it, field services will be performed.

Services Given to Equipment that Was Not Purchased from/thru R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION 
We in R.B.M. Ltd. CONTROL & MECHANIZATION  will be glad to provide services to equipment which was not purchased from us. We are able to provide maintenance services, repair and/or upgrade, as long as the equipment is not under the manufacturer's warranty.
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