Schmidt Hammers

The Proceq rebound hammer is a device to measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock.

Proceq invented the world’s first and now most widely used equipment for analyzing concrete strength properties, the Original Schmidt. This rebound hammer is available in models with different impact energies, each designed for a specific test application.

The Schmidt Live is the newest  Schmidt hammer, both analog and digital: innovative version for testing for concrete , rock and paper .
The SilverSchmidt ST/PC is a sophisticated rebound hammer that makes concrete testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.
The well-established rebound hammer OriginalSchmidt is the classic for the basic testing of concrete and structural components.
The Schmidt OS-120 Pendulum Hammers are designed to test on softer material such as light weight concrete, gypsum boards, fresh concrete and the mortar of joints in brickwork.

The RockSchmidt is a variation of the SilverSchmidt adapted specifically for rock testing applications such as UCS correlations or to predict penetration rates for tunnel boring machines and rotary drum cutters.

NEW - Original Schmidt Live OS8200
Strength and Uniformity Testing of concrete, rocks and paper