Special design load cells

Custom made load cells, load pins and multi axis load cells

Responding to specific projects is just one of our strengths. Are you looking for a unique solution that is not readily available on the market? We can help you to solve your problem either with one of the special load cells already in production or by developing a custom-made product. Our design team will assist you with every step of your project, from the very beginning to the very end. Designing and developing new solutions is our speciality – it is all part of our company's culture.



Tailor-made Load cells, ATEX load cells
Force transducers, Weighing load cells, standard reference transducer, Load limitation, Torque transducers, Tensiometers, Instrumentation, Calibration service, Projects - Softwares, including tailor-made products, ATEX load cells.
Shear pin load cell
Custom design