DirectSense TVOC- Multi-Gas PID monitor

GrayWolf TVOC, multi-gas monitors, meters, detectors and instruments

VOCs, O3, NH3, Cl2, EtO, HCl, O2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, HCN, AsH3,
H2S, F2, ClO2, CCl2O, SiH4, PH3, HF

  • Choice of low ppb, low ppm, mid range ppm or wide/high range ppm VOC optimized PID sensors
  • Excellent sensitivity, very low limits of detection (down to 5 ppb)
  • Ideal for screening for if/when and where air sampling might be advised
  • Rapid response; ideal for "blood hounding" VOC sources
  • %RH and C/F are also included; add up to 3 additional specific gas sensors in one probe


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