Zephyr III - handheld Micromanometer

Zephyr III is the last, updated version of the Zephyr series. Auto-ranging ΔP sensors, combined with auto-zeroing.

The GrayWolf Zephyr III has exceptional low-end accuracy, yet a wide range. Auto-ranging ΔP sensors, combined with auto-zeroing make this the top performing handheld micromanometer on the market.

  • Differential Pressure accurate to 0.1 Pa, 0.002 inH2O (switchable units)
  • Broad range ±10,000Pa, ±40 inH2O
  • The built-in DP sensor module is both autozeroing and auto-ranging for unparalleled true resolution, accuracy and range
  • Measure Air Velocity & Volume Flow with the exceptionally accurate (+/- 2% RDG) optional thermal anemometer
  • Alternatively, connect Pitot-Static tubes to measure broad-ranging airspeeds, over wide °C/°F ranges

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