Converters, Signal Transmitters and more
Converters , signal transmitters and converters, LVDT, isolators, digital indicators and displays, Data Loggers, EASYBus
Handheld instruments for measuring Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Oxygen, Carbon monoxide
Quality handheld instruments for measuring various characters.
Temperature measurement by contact and IR devices
Temperature measurement by contact and IR devices, large variety of probes
Water analysis instruments
For measuring water quality: pH / Redox, conductivity, dissolved Oxygen
Handheld Gas analysis measurement devices
Handheld measureing devices for O2-concentration, O2-partial pressure, CO-concentration, Protective gases, Exhaust gas monitoring
Handheld Pressure measurement Devices and Accessories
Relative pressure, absolute pressure measuring, heating, ventilation, climate, vacuum measuring and more.
Meters for SV, sound level, acustic calibration
Photo radiometers, wireless data loggers,